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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Self Test, For Dating?

Self Test, For Dating?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your face. Look yourself in the eyes. Who do you see? How long can you look yourself in the eye? Do you see yourself as ugly? Do you look like Brittany Spears, would you like to? Who would you rather see? Can you accept what you see? If there is someone else you would rather look like and you know them, how do you treat them? If you do not like what you see in the mirror do you project that hatred on those whom you would rather look like? Are you possessed because of your hatred of your own self image? Do you think it is healthy for you to hate in this manner and what do you hope to accomplish by doing so? Are you really looking for acceptance from those who “look” better?

How long can you maintain your unacceptance or yourself and the projection of your negative self image on others you are jealous of? Why is this important to you?

Can you present yourself confidently as you, with all faults?

Can you present yourself confidently as yourself for the good deeds you’ve done and the good person inside that are you? Have you done more good deeds than bad? Do you rather do good than bad?

If you are not physically beautiful, can you respect yourself and your health anyway? Can you maintain a healthy lifestyle in terms of exercise? Can you respect others, or would you rather be jealous and try and destroy their self image to the point that they like themselves about like you do you?

If you are not physically beautiful can you strive to develop and inner beauty that you can accept and love? Would you always revert back to how you and others see your physical self? You cannot overcome how they see you until you can overcome how you see you and accept yourself.

Or are you the beautiful and rare Cinderella whose ugly sisters oppressed?

If you know you are hot do you lord this over others, with the intent to create a negative self image in them? Have you tried to develop other “side” or skills that don’t rely on your looks but for example creative aspects? And conversely if you know you are ugly do you also try to create a negative self image in those you are jealous of? Does it make you feel good to destroy the self image of others, is this what possesses you- to be something you cannot and not accept yourself?

Who do you most look for approval…what type of people are these who you look for approval from?

Cinderella do you accept how others have cast you, as too pretty to be smart? Have you conformed to and adopted your sisters or brothers behavior. If they have projected their insecurities on you, do you go out into the world and do the same “Fem Fatal”?

What kind of approval makes you feel best? Who do you seek approval from and why?

Those who have projected their negative self image on you and you have overcome will hate and despise you lividly! J

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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