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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is Good About the Weather?

What Is Good About The Weather?

The weather is always changing and therefore becoming. The change defines us as it forces us to adapt and this keeps life from being stagnant and predictable.

Sometimes we view the weather as an “Act of God”. When I look at the changing patterns of clouds I think of the weather more as the “Art of God.” The weather gives us something to think about daily. Do we often ask ourselves, “Is the current weather right for me?”

How do we react to adverse weather? Do we try to overcome it or rather apathetically be subjected to it? As we ask these questions we learn of ourselves and others.

When I was young I watched a documentary that featured Gorillas in a tropical rainforest. The Gorilla seemed to be in a state of harmony as he sat in the inescapable rain. He did not try and wipe the drops away or change their course as they fell on his head, but seemingly recognized them as part of his life and something that will pass. I admired him for the way he faced the adversity of nature. How many of you have donned a raincoat to go for a deliberate walk in the rain?

I like the weather as it proves to be an obstacle for those who would sit with idle minds.

The weather can make us prepare. Often we can separate the good and the bad from the weather. Who would help a neighbor when his basement floods or take care of part of his country when a hurricane devastates it?

Dark clouds, thunder and lightning provide metaphors for vivid understanding in the frameworks of our lives. There is a moral in the way Noah prepared for a future uncertain to others. In retrospect did we ignore a small nuance of foresight we had regarding an issue of safety that we could have easily been prospective about???

Unbenounced to us a rising barometer will ease our moods. The change of the seasons sets the pace for life. As the leaves brown it reminds us to prepare for winter. In the same tone the spring rains that turn nature green again give us hope for better tomorrows. Many of us look forward to planting seeds in the spring that will allow us to care for and nurture a plant to fruition.

The bold and adventurous of us like to feel the rain on our faces and the wind tugging at our clothes. How far will my feet sink into fresh snow or mud is a fun question I like to ask myself before my next step.

Sunny day’s do not only brighten or moods but also provide solar energy. Who doesn’t enjoy a gusty breath of fresh air on an otherwise hot summer day? I also look forward to the relief the ubiquitous wind provides when it powers turbines to produce electricity.

When I head out into nature with my camera I ask myself, “What will God show me today?”

Copyright 2009 Thomas Paul Murphy


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