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Monday, May 17, 2010

Self Esteem Development in Boys 05 17 2010

Self Esteem Development in Boys 05 17 2010

Belief in your father and mother is belief in yourself and god. As we learn from their mistakes we try not to repeat them and that separates us from them, by formation of a different opinion.

Making mistakes is trying. Trying is the will to live. I hate to use the cliché, “To err is human.” But that is what it means and takes to carry on. Analyze what went wrong, resolve, learn and forgive.

Can we blame your parents if they had faith and trust in the way things are supposed to be in this country? Somebody has to believe in the way things are supposed to be. Who is to enforce the way things are supposed to be? The term for them is authority. Authorities are elected. They are influenced by complaint. They can be changed if they do not respond to the needs required of authority. If authorities are influenced by money and power, that is the definition of corruption, do not consider them authorities.

Sometimes they weren’t great in stature but were strong in wisdom and teaching. Those without a father would go to about any means to have one like this. Some of us might not have had a father or one that was not around. In their absence, what role model did we look to for one? When looking at a role model do not try and become exactly as they are, because they are humans and have faults. If you try and become exactly like them, you will most likely attain those faults through idolatry and not recognize them as faults before it is too late. As a boy growing up, try and decide for yourself what is good and bad about a person. This is judging but not condemnation or sentencing. We’ll call it more on the lines of comparison of good and bad traits rather than judging.

What do boys often learn from their mothers, goodness, fairness and forgiveness? As well as anger against what is unjust and naiveté.

If you do not have a father those workshop shows are the ones you should be watching on television. Notice strengths in structure. Translate this learning to other things you see and think about. Also strive for a strong body in the ways you choose to exercise and this will lead to a strong mind.

One of the bases’s for the foundation of this country is “All men are created equal”. There are differences with regard to physical potentials but strive to be the best at all things you can, do so with a sense of fairness in competition, no taunting, razzing or unsportsmanlike conduct. God condemns for these acts of jealousy. Maintain and become a proponent of these throughout your life. And believe in yourself.

God bless those who think for themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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