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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Short Man Syndrome

The Short Man Syndrome Explained 06 02 2010

If you are an adult male and short you will not be able to become taller.

Like Napoleon and Caesar, Hitler etc. you can get rid of those who are taller but you will not become taller. You will find it self serving to strive to gain honor and respect through character and integrity. This is done by being honest with yourself and others. If you start to respect those that are taller you will indeed find the respect and sense of self you are lacking. Start by acting with honest moral integrity in all aspects of your life. Improve who you are as person, because the "what" you are; that you want to change is something you will not be able to.

If you are shorter what are the characteristics of the people that you respect?

Do you respect them for their height; because this is something they have that you do not?

If you try and improve the “what” you are that cannot be improved or made taller you will never be happy. And you will always envy those who are taller. The jealousy will show in your lack of confidence when talking with others, you may not see it but others do, and often think of you as a punk. The subtle nuances of disrespect you project are really a display of your disrespect of yourself. With this self loathing disorder you may actually start to think you are someone who you are not, the delusion you create separates you from reality. Our problems are only resolved in reality not delusion. Imagination is different that delusion. The person who imagines always maintains reality and sense of self. The person in delusion has lied to themselves to the point where they believe it, and this is what makes them very dangerous in our society. If you are an adult male that is short you will not grow taller. This self delusion applies to everything about your physical nature that cannot be changed for instance if you are black you will not become white either, and the same solution applies to you. Many girls that are considered ugly grow to be beautiful adults because as their physical body increases during puberty the inner beauty of their soul unfolds and takes physical form as they grow. The opposite is often true those that are beautiful when young often develop arrogance and egos that enfold in their physical form when they grow and age them more quickly and thereby they lose their physical beauty in adulthood.

Often people that are self deluded cling to an image of themselves, an image of when they were younger and felt more self importance. A self importance that was not developed through learning or character. This “ME” construct of self importance no longer serves as truth for them and it is not healthy for them or us in the adult world

What is even more dangerous is when the self deluded gain a following of others that are just as self deluded. Remember from my prior paragraph that their lives are based on self deceit. This self deceit or lying is a component of everything they do and say and is the weakest basis that a society can have. They would immediately counter and say they are strong but they are not. Does a group culture promoting self deceit lead to mal-developement or a lack of personal development of individual group members? Does codependence and support of deceitful group lesson society? What is the best way of a deceitful person to gain character and the capabilities of independence? If everyone were made to develop their own independence through character and experience wouldn’t we have a better society? Wouldn’t governmental decisions be made that truly benefit all of our futures? What are the roadblocks to personal development in our country? Is group support in a gang really a form of self pity? Yes.

If you for some reason cannot develop your own true independence can you at least show respect for those that have.

The truly strong are of strong mind and bodies that are truly of their own.

Improve who you are, character, integrity, base your sense of self on the good things you do and others will to. These are the people who are looked up to in our society no matter how tall they are.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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